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About the Revolution

Why are we

The Escape Revolution takes the best of escape experiences and amplifies it. We’re rugged, real, bold, and authentic. Explore worlds different from your own, challenge yourself, and be a part of the thrilling adventures ahead.


Why are we

The Escape Revolution
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Top Secret Kind Of a Thing ;)

Yup, you read that right. Remember the old rule "think outside of the box"? Well, here at The Escape Revolution, it goes beyond that and it's a big differentiator between us and other companies. However, no spoiler alerts allowed, so you'll have to trust us on this one :D

Free Parking

Los Angeles is infamous for its lack of parking space, especially in prime area such as Melrose, but don’t you worry! Each team will have one assigned parking spot behind the building at our private parking lot, and you’ll find all the info you need in your booking confirmation email.

Free Drinks

Escaping from a maximum-security prison can be tiring, so that's why we offer free sodas, water, and soft drinks to our teams, after the experience. Make sure to come sober and sharp, ready for a revolutionary experience.

Longer Experiences

The experiences are considered to be advanced, but time flies when you're having so much fun! Therefore, we decided that having 80 minutes is necessary for experience completion for Escobar and Wrongfully Convicted. With an exception of our Armored Vehicle Heist, which is 60 minutes long.

Bigger Rooms

We are determined to take this experience to a whole new level, in every possible aspect. This means making the room more immense than ever to create real-time immersion.

Full Immersion

The Escape Revolution brings a radical shift in the Escape Room scene. This outrageously interactive experience creates immersion that will transport you into exhilarating realms of story and exploration. No more plain A to B puzzles; you will need to engage all senses and work through real-life challenges.

Personalized Experiences

Some of our experiences are personalized, with specific details that are part of the puzzles. We'd love to tell you more about it, but we prefer you experiencing it :)

We Give Back

Mahatma Gandhi famously said: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." We are inspired to be the change to plant the seeds and do our part to improve our community and help people who need our support the most. A percentage of each booked experience will be donated to charitable causes. Take pride in being a part of this movement!

Private Experiences

We offer private experiences only. This means that your team will never be mixed with strangers.


Your experience supervisor will spend time upon completion of the experience, to go over anything and everything you would like to cover.


giving back

With every single booking,
we donate a portion of the cost to a nonprofit,
community organization, or charitable cause.

Join us, and help us change the world.

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The Visionaries

Escape Revolution - Visionaries


CEO and Chief Designer

Luca has been at the forefront of escape experiences since they first entered into popular consciousness. After cutting his teeth as a classically trained actor and interior designer, Luca was brought into the escape experience industry in 2014, where he quickly realized that he could synthesize his unique skills and passions to create the perfect combination between film, design, and adventure. Prior to opening The Escape Revolution, Luca designed 22 rooms throughout the US, and served as CEO and Artistic Director at multiple locations, for one of the biggest escape room franchises in the world.

The Escape Revolution could be your next obsession.

Escape Revolution - Visionaries


COO and Manager

Jovana is the head of operations. She is passionate and determined to deliver the best experience to each and every team. The Escape Revolution is Jovana’s 4th Escape Company. Prior to this, she successfully managed multiple locations for a different escape room franchise, throughout the US. Her journey started seven years ago, after experiencing the Escape Room concept for the first time. She was truly amazed. She couldn’t believe that adults could experience the same exhilaration that we felt playing as children!

Jovana is excited to introduce you to LA’s new and revolutionary entertainment experience.

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