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Welcome to
the Revolution

A Mind-Blowing
Escape Room Experience

Let's do it!
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As seen on Disney + National Geographic

A bold and unique take on
the escape room experience

You’re a thrill seeker, an adrenaline junkie, a problem solver,
a dreamer, a revolutionary. You are the key to The Escape Revolution.

Welcome to an immersive, heart-pounding, high stakes experience,
the likes of which has never been seen before.

We’re for the bold.


It’s not a game.
It’s a revolution.

Armored Vehicle Heist

Armored Vehicle Heist - Escape Revolution
Players 2-8
Age Restriction 18+
Armored Vehicle Heist - Escape Revolution

Prison Break: Wrongfully Convicted

Prison Break: Wrongfully Convicted - Escape Revolution
Players 2-8
Age Restriction 18+
Prison Break: Wrongfully Convicted - Escape Revolution


Escobar - Escape Revolution
Players 2-8
Age Restriction 18+
Escobar - Escape Revolution

New Experiences
Coming Soon

Coming Soon - Escape Revolution
Coming Soon - Escape Revolution

What kind of revolutionary
are you?

Everyone brings something different to the escape experience,
and your team needs your unique skills to complete the mission.

The Leader - Escape Revolution

The Leader

You’ve always been at the head of the pack. You approach a challenge with an understanding of every kind of perspective. You take charge and lead fearlessly, with clear, concise vision.

The Guerrilla - Escape Revolution

The Guerrilla

You’re a fighter—but you’ve never been one to follow the rules. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty to get the job done, and you’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

The Scout - Escape Revolution

The Scout

You’re naturally helpful, and put the needs of the group before your own. You’re the first to volunteer for the most dangerous tasks, and help collect crucial information.

The Artist - Escape Revolution

The Artist

You approach everything creatively, bringing something to the table that’s essential. You understand the story intuitively, and inspire everyone.

The Scientist - Escape Revolution

The Scientist

You’re curious and intelligent, and work to solve challenges with all that you’ve learned. You have patience, logic, and a sharp mind for small details that may escape everyone else.

giving back

With every single booking,
we donate a portion of the cost to a nonprofit,
community organization, or charitable cause.


Total is updated every 5th of a month.
Let's do it!

Escape rooms are great for
Team Building

Because escape rooms reveal unexpected
leaders and secret strengths, they are the
ideal team-building experiences.

Team up because Escape Experience is the #1 rated
Team Building activity in the world.

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